Shane Embury presents the final album in Dark Sky Burial Quadrilogy

Omnis Cum In Tenebris Praesertim Vita Laboret

"Omnis Cum In Tenebris Praesertim Vita Laboret" is the 4th album from Dark Sky Burial, the new musical venture from Napalm Death’s Shane Embury and the album's title translates as, "Life is one long struggle in the Dark."

The dark ambient soundscapes and unsettling industrial noise textures, with disorientating, electronic moments were composed by Shane Embury with the help of long time friend, collaborator and producer Russ Russell and were tweaked into shape for the album at Parlour Studios in the 2nd half of 2021. The ideas and concepts for Dark Sky Burial go back decades for Shane but the events of the past few years have meant the project has been at the forefront of his mind.

"Omnis Cum In Tenebris Praesertim Vita Laboret" is released on 10th December and available to pre-order now via Embury's own Extrinsic Recordings label.


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Dark Sky Burial is a new sonic venture by

Shane Embury of Napalm Death

While it's largely true that creativity is not a tap that can be turned on and off, some musicians simply can't stop generating brilliant new ideas. Best known as a member of grindcore gods Napalm Death, Shane Embury has been one of the underground rock and metal scenes' most prolific and inventive figures over the last 30+ years, with countless intriguing (and generally deafening) bands and projects to his name. But a new decade brings a new perspective and a brand new musical venture that takes the revered noisemonger into uncharted territory.

Dark Sky Burial marks the moment in Embury's artistic life where all restrictions and boundaries are obliterated forever. A vivid and immersive trek through dark ambient soundscapes, unsettling industrial noise textures and wild, disorientating electronics, Dark Sky Burial is both a radical departure and a thrilling glimpse of future possibilities.

Shane has experimented with all manner of musical ideas over the years, from the warped industrial metal of Meathook Seed to the psychedelic anti-doom of Tronos. Quite how he finds the time to produce so much top-notch music is anyone's guess, but Dark Sky Burial seems unique in Shane's ever-growing catalogue: a true solo mission for the legendary bassist, albeit with a little help from one omnipresent collaborator.

Aside from cluttering up his calendar with yet more musical commitments – global pandemics notwithstanding – Shane is also eager to stress the personal and emotional nature of the music that he is unveiling via Dark Sky Burial. Although often disturbing and dark, this is music that represents Shane's own internal struggles and quandaries.

With more albums in the works and, as ever, countless other musical endeavours to be getting on with, Shane is ploughing through this strangest of years like the unstoppable trooper he's always been. But for those craving an escape from the madness all around us, Dark Sky Burial offers a new sonic world to dive into and explore, with one of underground music's most restless souls leading the way.

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